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Healing qualities of castor oil blend with light grapeseed oil to make the perfect lubricant for massage or skin care. With the addition of proanthocyanidins, this beneficial lotion may lessen the appearance of wrinkles, counteract harmful environmental influences, and rejuvenate your skin. This unique skin conditioner is easily absorbed, leaving skin soft, smooth and supple with no greasy or sticky residue.

  GPC 4 oz. $5.00

  GPC8 8 oz w/pump top $8.45

For Soft, Beautiful Skin

Golden Magic¨  With Vitamin E

Leaves your skin soft and luxuriant. Great as a lighter massage oil, glides on easily. A unique combination of peanut oil, olive oil and vitamin E to nourish and moisturize. Lanolin free for those with sensitive skin.

  8 oz. $6.00

  1 gal. $69.00

Experience the benefits of gold!

Gold Cream

Gold Cream has a light, creamy texture that easily absorbs into thirsty skin with a delightful lavender/citrus fragrance! Cayce often suggested sand packs here in Virginia Beach for the rejuvenating effect of the gold content in the sand. You owe your skin the deep moisturizing impact of this rich cream. It smoothes out wrinkles and rough edges for a youthful appearance and it feels wonderfully different! GC 2 oz $19.00 CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ORDER!


Crystal Water

According to Cayce, the high electrical vibrations of lapis lazuli, the most frequently recommended stone in the readings, help to develop innate psychic abilities [440-3]. He also suggested using this stone to increase vitality and manifest healing energies. LCW 2 oz $5.00

Hazel Vera

Invigorating Body Splash

For after shaving, showering or exercising. Tangy scent of tangerine essential oil combines with skin toning witch hazel and aloe vera. HV 16 oz $5.00

Copper & Magnetic Bracelet

Two magnets point north pole to the skin in this attractively braided copper band. CMB $21.00 CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ORDER!

Massage into Chest for Soothing Relief!


For those days when a vapor-rub is the only relief available for head and chest discomfort, this penetrating camphor-based massage liniment is the answer. Cayce recommended this outstanding combination of natural camphor spirits, turpentine spirits, and mutton tallow to increase circulation, especially in combination with heat. Simply rub onto your chest, back and feet and stay warm until the aches go away! CDM 4 oz $6.95

Soft and Healthy Hair Without Drying Your Scalp!

Tannenbaum Pine Tar Shampoo

Pine tar has long been known for its ability to soothe dry, itchy skin and stimulate the scalp's circulation. Edgar Cayce recommended this type of scalp conditioning shampoo for healthy hair. Nourishing Pine Tar Shampoo is an effective, cleansing alternative to harsh medicated shampoos. You'll feel the difference as this natural moisturizing formula gives hair body and shine without drying the scalp. CERTIFIED PTSH 8 oz $7.00 CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ORDER!

Crudoleum Hair Conditioner

After your shampoo why not enjoy the benefits of a totally therapeutic hair conditioner that supplies the many benefits of pure crude oil. It has been especially formulated as a companion to all shampoos. Ingredients include castor oil, olive oil, aloe vera, jojoba, lanolin, and a pleasant almond fragrance for a manageable shine! CRHC 16 oz $6.25 CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ORDER!


Digestion & Elimination Aid

This unique, mild mineral cleanser for the entire system is based on a formula given in many readings. According to Cayce, elimination functions are stimulated and coordinated, reducing tendencies for all types of skin problems. Contains sulfur, cream of tartar, and Rochelle salts in powder form. SFX 2 oz $6.50 CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ORDER!



Alka-Thyme, enhanced in so many ways, provides even more benefits than Glyco-Thymoline Because we :

  • replaced denatured alchol with grain alcohol   
  • eliminated the red food coloring   
  • used pure vegetable glycerin

Make Alka-Thyme the choice for your oral care program, for alkalizing your system as recommended in the Cayce readings, or as a gargle. Can also be a soothing relief for congestion when applied as a pack.

  ALK 16 oz w/child proof cap $10.00

  ALKC Reuseable cap for households w/o small chilren - $ 0.25


Herbal Supplement

Herbs found in this Cayce-recommended herbal formula have been historically used to improve the function of the digestive system which Cayce said would have a balancing effect on the circulatory system. This combination of sarsaparilla root, wild cherry bark, burdock root, buchu leaves, mandrake root, tolu balsam and alcohol should help the body restore itself to a healthier state. DT 8 oz $11.50

Steel Cut Oats

Just like Grandma always said "Eat your oatmeal!" Oatmeal is one of the best whole grains for a good diet and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. We offer this grain, in a high quality, Cayce recommended steel cut style for its optimal fiber content and naturally nourishing properties. Packaged in a can for maximum freshness. Made by John McCann's for over 100 years. SCO 28 oz can $7.95


Cayce highly recommended limewater to alleviate stomach upset. He often suggested it for babies and children in combination with milk or juice as a calcium aid in developing strong teeth and bones. A few drops in baby's bottle can also help prevent colic and hiccups by alkalizing the system.  LW 4 oz $4.75

Beet Sugar

It contains 99.9% pure sucrose from sugar beets and can be used just like cane sugar. BS 3 lbs $6.25


It tastes almost like table salt with a biochemical balance corresponding to the normal saline content of healthy human plasma. (Not a salt substitute.) BIO 1 lb $10.75

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