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Ipsab Herbal Treatment

For Vibrantly Healthy Gums

Use Ipsab to strengthen the gums and freshen the breath. Our Ipsab formula is recommended by dentists for effective oral hygiene. Ingredients in this natural solution include prickly ash bark, salt, calcium chloride, iodine trichloride, and peppermint oil. Massage vitality and health into your gums with Ipsab along with your regular dental program, for best results. CERTIFIED

  IP 2 oz $7.95
  IP4 4 oz $13.95

Better C Powder

This effervescent mineral and vitamin C compound quickly delivers vital nutrition where it's needed! Vitamin C is recommended for support during allergies, colds, flu, and injury. Better C mixes well with water or juice and is buffered to minimize stomach acidity, while it supplies synergistic minerals, calcium and magnesium. Each teaspoon provides a potent 2600 milligrams of bioavailable vitamin C for your good health. Contains 48 servings.  BTC 8 oz powder $17.95

Time-released, High Potency Multi-Vitamin-Mineral Supplement

The Supreme One

We've compared the rest and this is our favorite multiple vitamin, mineral and other nutrient combination tablet available. Contains 13 vitamins, 10 chelated minerals and 8 other nutritional ingredients such as Choline and Glutamic Acid. Vitamin C and B complex are time released. Contains no yeast, wheat, sugar, starch, preservatives, artificial color or flavor or other common allergens. One capsule daily.
MV Multi-Vitamin 60 tablets (60 day supply) $14.00


Duogest Digestive Enzymes

Edgar Cayce often recommended stimulating the digestion to improve the assimilation of nutrients. Many of the formulas he mentioned are now off the market, but we think this product is an excellent substitute. Its unique blend of gastric and duodenal enzymes includes: betaine/glutamic hydrochloride, papain, pepsin, pancreatin, and ox bile extract. Several of these ingredients were mentioned in the readings, and this combination has been highly recommended by our Sources. An excellent supplement to use with sandwiches or meals when protein and starch are combined. 1-6 capsules with meals.

  DGT 90 capsules $16.95

Pineapple Enzyme Brings Digestive Relief!


A pineapple enzyme that may assist the body during times of physical stress and digestive enzyme (it breaks down proteins) which can function within the acidic environment of the stomach. Edgar Cayce recommended fresh pineapple and pineapple juice for maintaining good health. 1 tablet 3 times daily.
BRO 120 tablets 500 mg $14.00 


Cimex Lectularius

Natural homeopathic remedy for phlebitis and edema. Also for minor aches associated with joint pain. CMX 500 pellets 12 g 12x $8.00

Cayces Helpful Suggestions for Healthier Living.

pH Testing Paper

Available in a handy dispenser with a color chart that allows you to accurately determine your body's acid and alkaline balance! Simply dip a small piece of pH paper in urine or place under the tongue first thing in the morning or two hours after a meal, wait for the color to develop, and compare it to the color graded chart. An ideal reading is 6.4 within a healthy range of 6.0 to 7.4. This is an easy way to see how the foods and drinks you consume affect your system. Approximately 180 uses.
15' roll. PH $14.95

Patapar Paper

Cooking Parchment PAPS 6 sheets 24"x 24" each $4.50                    

Crudoleum Hair Rinse

An essential second step to help remove Crudoleum from the hair and scalp after treatment and before shampooing. This hair rinse is based on Cayce's recommendation of pure grain alcohol and water to stimulate the scalp. We have added a little pine oil for extra circulation. Use with pine tar soap or shampoo. CRDR 1 pt $5.95

Crudoleum Cream

For those who want the benefits of Crudoleum to stay on the scalp for longer treatment periods. This cream uses white petroleum jelly and crude oil, two of the ingredients Cayce recommended for rejuvenating healthy hair. We scented potent Crudoleum Cream with ylang ylang for a pleasant aroma. Simply rub a small amount into the scalp to promote circulation for any of the purposes Edgar Cayce suggested. CRDC 4 oz $6.50

Cal-Mag-Zinc Liquid

Get your most vital minerals in this pleasant-tasting, easy-to-absorb liquid formula. It contains a finely ground combination of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and potassium in an optimally balanced ratio to benefit all of your body systems. Simply mix one tablespoon of this sorbitol sweetened suspension with milk or juice for your daily mineral requirements. For best results always take with meals. CMZ 12 oz $8.50

Cleansing Foot Formula


Avoid the common foot complaints found in locker rooms, swimming pools, wet socks and shoes with regular cleansing using Pedicure. Great smelling combination of sassafras oil, witch hazel and mineral oil, provides an invigorating foot treatment. PED 2 oz $5.75

Vera Fresh

Herbal Deodorant

A unique, purely natural formulation of aloe vera, witch hazel, and oils of thyme flower essence and lavandin keeps you odor free. Contains no aluminum or pore-blocking substances as suggested in the Cayce readings. Smells great!   VF 3 oz $5.25 CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ORDER!

Lavender & Roses

Deep Moisturizing Protection for Dry Skin.

Cayce recommended this all natural formula as an emollient for the hands, arms, or face. The deeply penetrating com-bination of olive oil, rosewater, grain alcohol, and lavender oil has a remarkable ability to soothe and help heal dry skin areas. Carry Lavender and Roses with you for all day silky skin!
LR 4 oz $5.25 LR8 8 oz with pump $8.95



Elimination Aid

Many people prefer this gentle, herbal compound which was advised by Cayce for stimulating the eliminations and promoting internal cleansing. Contains senna, anise seed, fennel seed, psyllium husks, psyllium seed, and frangula (buckthorn). 2-4 tablets daily. IC 80 tablets $5.50

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