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Ray's Liquid

Pain Relieving Lotion

For minor burns and sunburn! Cayce recommended Ray's preparations for the relief of most minor skin problems. Ingredients include sulfurated potassium, zinc sulfate, salicylic acid, phenol and alcohol.
RL 4 oz $7.95  


"Nature"s alternative to antibiotics" has been used for hundreds of years for all kinds of health problems. Cayce sometimes referred to Goldenseal as Life Everlasting, and said that it helps to create a high vibration in the blood supply. [5664-1] Cayce recommended it to assist the lymphatics, circulation, assimilations and eliminations. It is certainly a "cure-all" herb for everyone's medicine chest.
GOL 1 oz dropper bottle $12.95


Apply this simple salve of castor oil and bicarbonate of soda to warts, moles, corns, or skin blemishes once or twice daily. Cayce also recommended use of this formula in cases of calluses, moles, and ingrown toe nails. Applied under a band-aid, Casoda will go to work while you sleep.
CSD 1 oz $4.50

Crudoleum Shampoo

If you're looking for the benefits of a mild Crudoleum treatment, along with the tingle of a scalp treatment shampoo, then this is the perfect combination. Crude oil and peppermint oils stimulate the circulation while olive and coconut oil soaps provide strong cleansing action. Your hair will be softly manageable with a healthy bounce and a pleasantly clean scent.
CRSH 8 oz $7.50       

B Complex with Iron

Liquid Power!

Our mega-potency B-Complex in pure raisin juice provides an excellent source of B vitamins for maximum absorption. Contains vitamins B1, B2, B6, and B12 and iron as citrate in a naturally sweet base with a delightful flavor - perfect for those who have trouble swallowing capsules. The ideal preparation for your B vitamin needs. BCIP 16 oz $13.25                                      CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ORDER!

Olive Oil Shampoo

For Soft, Luxurious Hair

Your entire family will enjoy this richly moisturizing shampoo. Its ingredients gently cleanse your hair and nurture a lustrous shine. Edgar Cayce recommended a pure castile (olive oil-based) shampoo for regular hair care, as a follow up to Crudoleum treatments and for keeping hair light, full textured and strong. Our customers tell us that it's excellent for all hair types, and is especially kind to dry or brittle hair. It's even gentle enough for babies. Filtered water, vegetable oil-derived soap and sudsing agents make this the pure choice for your halo! CERTIFIED   

  8 oz Bottle $5.50
  16 oz Bottle $8.75
  Gallon $54.00

Revitalizing Aromatherapy!

Breathe deeply: Cayce described how the inhalant vapors work, penetrating deeply into the throat, nasal and bronchial passages. Inspirol contains tincture of tolu balsam, eucalyptus oil, tincture of benzoin, turpentine oil, and rectified creosote, in a grain alcohol base. Cayce recommended versions of this inhalant in over 225 readings. The oversized bottle allows enough space for fumes to gather and the provided inhalant tubes to be inserted. Take a deep breath of relief and feel the Inspirol difference. INS 4 oz $8.50 5ET   CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ORDER!

  5 Extra Inhalant Tubes $0.25

Fast-Acting Natural Allergy Relief!

Allergi Defense

For the temporary relief of stuffy, runny nose, sneezing, and itchy and watery eyes due to hayfever, and other upper respiratory allergies, you can trust this multi-homeopathic formula. Active homeopathic ingredients include nettle, eyebright, goldenseal, golden rod, and red onion, to open nasal passages, clear sinus pressure, and relieve congestion. Supportive herbals like echinacea, nettle, licorice, ma huang, bromelain, and essential vitamins A, C, E, and quercetin help maintain healthy mucus membranes, guard against allergy symptoms and promote better health. 2 capsules every 2-3 hours as required. AD 40 fast-acting capsules $13.00 CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ORDER!

The incredibly different cleansing shower gel!

Moisturizing Shower Gel

Get ready to experience an organic bath and shower beyond any you've ever known. Pure, colloidal oatmeal suspended in an aloe vera-based, soap-free, cleansing formula softens all the dry spots leaving skin silky smooth. Its unusually creamy texture lathers up thick, rich suds which moisturize your whole body. Divine essential oil fragrances turn a quick shower or a luxurious bath into sensual skin therapy. Choose from four delightfully natural scents!
12 oz bottle for $7.00

Aztec Secret

Used in premier spas, bentonite clay naturally pulls toxins, dirt and dead skin cells from the face leaving smooth-textured beautiful skin. This fine, organic clay is hypoallergenic and a deep pore cleanser similar to the off-the-market "Boncilla clay" Cayce recommended. Please request our cosmetic brochure for instructions about the Cayce facial.

  Aztec Secret 1 lb. $9.95
  Aztec Secret 2 lbs. $15.95

Muscle Treat

Muscle Treat is a soothing massage formula that is great after exercise and other strenuous activities. Witch hazel and tincture of benzoin combine with olive, sassafras, mineral and coal oils. MT 4 oz $4.95 MTA

  atomizer $1.00

Carbon Steel Coin

Respiratory Vibrational Support

Carbon steel comes in this attractive round coin. Have a few extras around for family and friends. Edgar Cayce once said: Do not take this as being a superstition, or as something which would be a good luck charm, but if the entity will wear about its person, or in its pocket, a metal that is carbon steel - preferably in the groin pocket... it will ionize the body - from its very vibrations - to resist... those inclinations for disturbance with the mucous membranes of the throat and nasal passages [1842-1].
COIN 1" diameter $5.00

Lithia Water

It has been said that lithium helps people stay calm and balanced. In an epidemiological study of two similar towns in Texas, it was reported that the town where lithium occurred naturally in the drinking water had lower rates of crime and alcoholism. Water containing lithium was recommended by Edgar Cayce for purifying the kidneys. Add one 4 ounce bottle to 124 oz of water to make a gallon of lithia water.

  LTH 4 oz $6.50

Passion Flower Fusion

Passion Flower Fusion Cayce recomended this combination of passion flower and ginseng to relax the nerves and relieve stress.

  PFF 1 pt $21.00

Ragweed Tincture

According to Cayce's recommendations for more than 125 people, ragweed tincture is a liver tonic, and a non-habit-forming aid to eliminations which offers herbal support during exposure to pollen and dust. Contains ragweed, water and grain alcohol.           RWT 4 oz $12.75                                 CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ORDER! 

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