Vol. 1, #5
August 28, 2004

Q: How many grams of protein is required for a person per day? - Layperson

A: Generally, in the healthy, unexercised to moderately exercised person, 1/2 gram per pound of weight will suffice. Ill, growing, heavily exercised persons, and pregnant persons will need more. Those who exercise the muscles to exertion, such as power lifters, need closer to 1 gram per pound of body weight.

Q: What is the best way to lift to tone, to build size and strength, and to do all these? - Layperson

A: To lift weights to tone up, a person works out with low weights, high repetitions, and at least ten sets--i.e.-curl twenty pounds for ten repetitions as one set for a total of ten sets. To gain size and strength, a person works out with high weights, low repetitions, and fewer sets-i.e.-benchpressing two hundred twenty five pounds for five repetitions for one set for a total of five sets. To tone up, and increase size and strength, a person would do about 80% of the maximum weight, repetitions, and sets-i.e.maximum benchpress-three hundred pounds-80% of three hundred pounds is two hundred forty pounds-do as many repetitions as possible at this weight. If more than eight repetitions can be produced, jump up to a weight that will produce only six to eight repetitions and do six to eight sets at this weight.

August 21, 2004 Newsletter

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