Vol. 1, #3
August 14, 2004

Q: I have cellulite and would like to get rid of it. Is there any way to do this? - Layperson

A: Permanently, short of surgery, no, however, there are some options that come close. Diet, exercise, and endermologie. First, cellulite, are those lumpy, bumpy areas of fat deposits that are hard to get rid of even after strict dieting. Usually around the age of 20, most females will start accumulating cellulite-it occurs rarely, if at all, in males. Instead, males get the love handles. The type of fat accumulated in our bodies, mirrors the percentages in our diet. The more saturated the dietary fat is, the harder it is and the harder to get rid of. First, increase the amount of mono- and poly- unsaturated fat while decreasing overall fat intake to around 15% of the dietary calories. Muscle burns more calories than fat storage does. Do muscle-building exercises to increase calorie burning, especially, the muscles in areas under and around the cellulite deposits. Endermologie refers to a process originating in Europe and entering the U.S. about 10 years ago. A machine with rollers and variable suction power, gently pulls the cellulite areas up between the squeezing rollers and literally squeezes the fat out of the cells, emptying the fat into the blood stream and out the normal eliminations of the body. Most will see results in 2-14 sessions, usually, in 2-3 sessions a week for 30 minutes a session. Once the desired results are achieved, a maintenance schedule is determined, which may be as low as one session a month. Again, diet, exercise, and 10-14 glasses of water, a day, to assist flushing the fat out of the body, is recommended. Endermologie also has a muscle and skin-toning affect as well as improving the blood circulation. Endermologie has been described as akin to a deep and relaxing massage and also good for relieving aches and pains. If interested, I have arranged for the first 10 people, calling in from this article, to buy a package deal of seven, 30 minute-sessions for $365.00 or buy two sets and get the fifteenth FREE. For each friend you get to sign up, and who pays for, the sessions, you get one free. For one session, the price is $65.00. Generally, prices elsewhere, are &75-$100.00 per 30-minute sessions. The sessions can be prorated in increments of 15 minutes. Call the I-10 Medical Clinics at 1-713-626-4999 and ask about the endermologie sessions. These sessions also make great gifts.

Q: I suffer from tinnitis(noises in the ear). Is there any supplements that can be taken to improve or eliminate this condition? - Layperson

A: To answer this, the cause must be known. Essentially, this situation is due to poor circulation anywhere along the and nerves and blood pathways of the ears from disease(allergies, autoimmune disorders, cancer/tumors,electrolyte disturbances, endocrine-diabetes ,hypothyroidism, infections, metabolic disturbances-high cholesterol,high triglycerides, high or low insulin levels, or any combination thereof), genetic defects, mineral/vitamin deficencies/excesses, toxins, trauma, and so on. If the circulation can be improved without medical intervention, the following supplements are known to help, suffice to say, through different pathways-Black Cohosh, essential fatty acids, fish oil, garlic, Ginka Baloba, kelp, magnesium, potassium, niacin, vitamin E, and vinpocetine. Different supplements work for different people, but none works for everyone. The ones that come close are Black Cohosh, Ginka Baloba, and vinpocetine. Many studies in many countries back these last three. The drawback is that their use must be maintained or the effects wear off.

August 7, 2004 Newsletter

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